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Get Noticed --> Be Heard --> Generate Conversions

It's a hectic busy world, and people's attention is more divided than ever.

Use New Brunswick Today to reach your audience however they get their news:

  • Print Advertisement
    • 10,000 bilingual English/Spanish full-color print newspapers
    • Distributed free throughout Middlesex and Somerset Counties
    • Ads side-by-side with news content spread across 24 pages
  • Website Display
    • 150,000+ Pageviews/Month
    • "Businesses of New Brunswick" section features sponsored content
    • Ads are placed side-by-side with content on every page
  • Social Media Posts
    • 22,000+ followers on Facebook
    • 2,900+ followers on Twitter
    • The best online source of news among young people and Spanish speakers in NJ

When you advertise with New Brunswick Today, your message is going directly to your customer’s front door. Our hyperlocal newspaper specializes in targeted advertising with approximately 50% of our readers residing in Middlesex County.

The newspaper is not only reaching citizens though, it’s also in the hands of Rutgers University students and staff, visitors, lawyers and jurors at the courthouse, and residents of surrounding towns. By advertising with New Brunswick Today you are pinpointing potential customers right in your backyard and inviting them to join you.