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About Us

New Brunswick Today is a bilingual, hyperlocal, and community focused newspaper that covers New Brunswick, New Jersey and the surrounding area.

Launched in the fall of 2011 by Editor Charlie Kratovil and Publisher Sean Monahan, New Brunswick Today has exponentially grown and positively changed the lives of residents, businesses, and readers throughout the county.

What started as a small website to showcase the great community that is New Brunswick turned into a thriving online presence and a bilingual print newspaper that is distributed for free throughout the city. reaches over 150,000 page views a month and has a social media following of over 13,000 people and organizations. To meet the needs of the community, New Brunswick Today is published in both English and Spanish on both the print and online editions.

More than just a newspaper, New Brunswick Today is a community institution. All of the members work hard to make New Brunswick the best city it can be: a city that cares the most about its people.

By creating community events, working with local businesses, and amplifying the needs and wants of the residents, New Brunswick Today is the megaphone of the people.

Academic Research on New Brunswick Today's Impact

"Community Information Needs Assessment: New Brunswick, New Jersey"
(Rutgers University Media and the Public Interest Initiative)

"Longtime residents pointed to the loss of in-depth local coverage by newspaper outlets... The hyperlocal, New Brunswick Today, however, was pointed to as playing a crucial role in helping to fill these gaps in local news coverage for the community."

"Both focus group sessions noted ways that the long-time city government/administration may be controlling messaging within the community and discussed New Brunswick Today as a major counter-voice."

Awards Earned by New Brunswick Today Staff

Stuart & Beverly Awbrey Award for Community-oriented Local Journalism

"The Awbrey honors the weekly or local online publication that goes beyond standard reporting of local events, instead seeking to inspire communities to better themselves...

Editor Charlie Kratovil won the prestigious award in 2016 for his work in 2015 covering the New Brunswick Water Utility.

"New Brunswick Today is being honored for a series of stories it called Watergate — except unlike the original Watergate, this one involves actual water. The mainly web-based independent news operation (it publishes a monthly print edition) engaged in a relentless inquiry into the operations of New Brunswick’s water treatment plant, ofttimes putting itself at odds with city officials. Kratovil’s dogged efforts helped raise the profile of an important local issue and helped New Brunswick residents get and stay involved in the matter."

Tim O'Brien Award for Open Public Records Act Reporting

"DANIEL MUNOZ of New Brunswick Today was the first-place winner of our Tim O’Brien Award, local division, for a series of stories about the use of anti-cheating software at Rutgers University. The software costs Rutgers students $32 a class, and uses facial and knuckle recognition technology."

Other NJ Society of Professional Journalists Awards

Charlie Kratovil won the first-place award in the local category for investigative journalism for the series "Housing Authority Shenanigans" for the year 2015

"These articles reflect effort and guts in holding an important local agency accountable," wrote the judges.

Sam Romero won first-place in the Cartooning category for his drawing, "First and 10 to 20."

Dave Schatz won second place honors in "Business Reporting" category for his coverage of Johnson & Johnson.

An article on the controversy over a building planned for Mine Street, written by Charlie Kratovil, Richard Rabinowitz, Michael Benavides, and David Bedford won third place in the "Headline Writing" category